Hüseyin Avni Bey

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For other people named Hüseyin Avni, see Hüseyin Avni (disambiguation).
Lt. Colonel Hüseyin Avni
Lt. Colonel Hüseyin Avni's military uniform, displayed in Istanbul's Military Museum

Hüseyin Avni Bey (died August 13, 1915) was the commander of the 57th Infantry Regiment of the Ottoman Army at the Battle of Gallipoli. His last rank was Lieutenant Colonel (Turkish: Yarbay).

Hüseyin Avni was born in Manastır, Ottoman Empire (in the present day Bitola, Macedonia). His father was a District Governor. When he was appointed to the commander of the 57th Regiment he had risen to the rank of Major (Turkish: Binbaşı). The regiment was training at Rodosto when they received orders to transfer to Gallipoli. On February 24 the Regiment arrived at Maydos by steamship. After the battles of April 25–28, 1915, Hüseyin Avni was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. On August 13, 1915, he was killed by a bombshell which hit his command post. His uniform is displayed in the Military Museum in Istanbul.

Hüseyin Avni's family received the surname "Arıburun" after the 1934 Surname Law that required all Turkish citizens to adopt a surname. The name Arıburun was adopted to honor the heroic acts of the soldiers who fought in Gallipoli; Arıburun is the Turkish name for the Anzac Cove. His son, future General Tekin Arıburun, was the chief of the Turkish Air Force.