Hōjō Ujiteru

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Grave of Hojo Ujimasa and Ujiteru (A) in Odawara city
Hōjō Ujiteru's grave (B) near Hachioji castle

Hōjō Ujiteru (北条 氏照)(1540? – August 10, 1590) was a Japanese samurai, who was the son of Hōjō Ujiyasu and lord of Hachiōji Castle in what is now Tokyo.

Ujiteru and his brother Hojo Ujikuni commanded a major force at the Battle of Mimasetoge, where they unsuccessfully attempted to prevent Takeda Shingen from withdrawing to his home province of Kai after besieging the Hōjō's core castle at Odawara.

After the Hōjō were defeated in the 1590 Siege of Odawara, Ujiteru was forced to commit seppuku along with his brother Ujimasa.

The grave of Hojo Ujiteru exists in two places: one located in Odawara city and another located at the site of Hachioji castle.


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