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John Christian Schetky, HMS Amelia Chasing the French Frigate Aréthuse 1813 (1852).jpg
HMS Amelia, ex-Prosperine
Class overview
Name: Hébé
Builders: Saint-Malo, Brest and Toulon

 French Navy

 Royal Navy
Planned: 6
Completed: 6
General characteristics
Displacement: 700 tonnes
Length: 46.3 m (152 ft)
Beam: 11.9 m (39 ft)
Draught: 5.5 m (18 ft)
Sail plan: Ship-rigged
Complement: 297
Armament: 26 long 18-pounder guns (later increased to 28)

12 long 8-pounder guns

4 36-pounder obusiers

The Hébé class was a class of six 38-gun (later 40-gun) frigates of the French Navy, designed in 1781 by Jacques-Noël Sané.

Builder: Saint Malo
Begun: December 1781
Launched: 25 June 1782
Completed: August 1782
Fate: Captured by British Navy on 4 September 1782. The British took her into service and in 1805 renamed her HMS Blonde. Hébé became the model for the British Leda-class frigates, the first of which was HMS Leda. Hébé, therefore, has the rare distinction of being the model for both a French and a British frigate class.
Builder: Brest
Begun: November 1781
Launched: 14 July 1782
Completed: October 1782
Fate: wrecked on 31 December 1788 in the Indian Ocean.
Builder: Saint Malo
Begun: 1782
Launched: 3 February 1783
Completed: April 1783
Fate: Retired in 1796; condemned 16 November 1801 and taken to pieces.
Builder: Brest
Begun: December 1784
Launched: 25 June 1785
Completed: August 1785
Fate: captured by British Navy on 13 June 1796. The British took her into service as HMS Amelia.
Sybille vs. Chiffone
Builder: Toulon
Begun: April 1790
Launched: 30 July 1791
Completed: May 1792
Fate: captured by British Navy on 17 June 1794. The British took her into service as HMS Sybille.
Builder: La Motte, Brest
Ordered: March 1792
Launched: 22 May 1793
Completed: July 1793
Fate: Renamed Rassurante 30 May 1795, but reverted to Carmagnole 24 February 1798; wrecked in a storm at Vlissingen on 9 November 1800.


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