Hōun-ji (Kamigōri)

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Denomination Zen, Rinzai sect
Venerated Śākyamuni (Buddha)
Founder(s) Akamatsu Norimura
Founding priest Sesson Yūbai
Address Kamigōri, Hyogo, Japan
Country Japan

Hōun-ji (法雲寺?) is a Rinzai Buddhist temple in Hyōgo Prefecture (formerly Harima province).


With the patronage of the Akamatsu clan, Sesson Yūbai was able to become the founder of a number of provincial Buddhist temple-monasteries, including Hōun-ji in Harima.[1]

Hōun-ji was ranked among the provincial jissatsu by the Muromachi shogunate,[1] which encouraged its shugo vassals to found monasteries in their domains.[2]

Prominent among Yūbai's followers were Akamatsu Norimura (1277-1350) and his son Akamatsu Norisuke (1314-1371).[1]

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