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Race(s) Monks
Notable characters Ch'p
First appearance Green Lantern Vol. 2, #148 (Jan, 1982)
Publisher DC Comics

H'lven is a fictional planet in the DC Comics Universe. It is first mentioned in Green Lantern vol. 2 #148 (January 1982).


H'lven is an arboreal world located in sector 1014, home of a race of sentient rodent-like creatures nicknamed Monks for their resemblance to chipmunks. H'lven technology is roughly equivalent to that of early 21st century Earth. Its inhabitants generally prefer to live in trees rather than in artificial structures. While the Monks are the dominant species on the planet, there are other intelligent races on H'lven that resemble anthropomorphic versions of moles, foxes, bears, and eagles. This anthropomorphic quality may also be a natural feature of the galaxy in which H'lven resides, for nearby planets have similar inhabitants.

Like Earth and Korugar, H'lven appears to spawn individuals who possess the ability to overcome great fear, a trait that is prized in the Green Lantern Corps. There have been at least two Monks who have been chosen to be members of the Corps, namely Ch'p and B'dg.

H'lven is a largely peaceful world prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The planet's primary difficulties are an adversarial relationship with the nearby planet of Berrith, and the invasion of the Crabster Army under Doctor Ub'x. Ub'x's initial invasion is repelled by the Green Lantern Ch'p, who continues to defend his homeworld against threats from Berrith, Ub'x, and other criminals.


H'lvenite history is drastically rewritten after the Crisis. In the new timeline, Ch'p apparently died as a youngster and Doctor Ub'x never existed at all. Like Power Girl and Lady Quark, Ch'p and Doctor U'bx manage to survive the time shift, but are left with no identities or histories on their homeworld. Both eventually relocate to Earth to begin new lives, although Ch'p later returns to assume his duties as the planet's Green Lantern. How H'lven manages to survive the threats Ch'p is previously responsible for defeating has never been explained. Long after Ch'p's demise, another H'lvenite, B'dg, is chosen to become Green Lantern of Sector 1014.