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H-Blockx in a 2004 performance
Background information
Origin Münster, Germany
Genres Pop punk, alternative rock, rap rock (early)
Years active 1991–present
Labels BMG[1]
Sing Sing[1]
BMG Berlin Musik GmbH[1]
Website Official website
Members Henning Wehland
Stephan "Gudze" Hinz
Tim Tenambergen
Steffen Wilmking
Past members Dave Gappa
Fabio Trentini
Johann-Christop "Mason" Maass
Marco Minnemann
Martin "Dog" Kessler"

H-Blockx is a rock band founded in Münster, Germany in 1991.[2]



The band rose to fame with their successful debut album, Time to Move, released in 1994 on Sing Sing Records,[1] and produced by Ralph Quick and Chris Wagner. The music videos for "Risin' High" and "Move" received considerable airplay on MTV. The band earned a nomination for "Best Breakthrough Artist" at the following MTV Europe Music Awards, however the award went to Dog Eat Dog. With the help of the singles "Risin' High", "Move", and "Little Girl", their debut spent 62 weeks in the German album chart, selling over 750,000 copies worldwide, and earning the band their first gold album. Their first major tour followed. In 1999, WWE contacted the band to record a song for wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, although it was never used as his theme song, it became synonymous with Austin and was released on WWF The Music, Vol. 4.


None of their following albums have been as successful as Time to Move was. However, with the release of Get in the Ring in 2002 on Supersonic Records in association with BMG,[1] they did have a minor hit with their cover of "The Power" featuring rapper Turbo B (Turbo B also performs the original version with Snap!).

In 2004, the band's album No Excuses reached the Top 15 of the German album charts. It was then supported by an extensive European tour. After the tour the members spent time with side projects working as producers, singers (Söhne Mannheims) or management (Pohlmann) with artists of different genres.

The members would not only meet at concerts, but regularly for several weeks to return to songwriting. In Scandinavia in early 2005 and 2006 in Sweden, the first song of the new album was recorded. They were accompanied by H-Blockx producer Andreas "Boogieman" Herbig who was with them in 1994 when Time To Move was completed. While in the studios in Malmö, Open Letter To A Friend was recorded.


Ending a five-year absence from the recording studio, the band released their latest album HBLX on 25 May 2012.

Other media[edit]

In 1999, the band was featured on the wrestling album, WWF The Music, Vol. 4 released in 1999 with their song "Oh Hell Yeah".[3]

A reworked version of their song "Oh Hell Yeah" was featured on WWE Anthology disc 2 The Attitude Era.

Their song "Countdown to Insanity" is one of the playable tracks included on the European version of the game Rock Band, and is available to download with the US version.[4]

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Henning Wehland: Vocals
  • Stephan "Gudze" Hinz: Bass
  • Tim "Humpe" Tenambergen: Guitar
  • Steffen Wilmking: Drums

Past members[edit]

  • Dave Gappa: Vocals
  • Fabio Trentini: Bass
  • Johann-Christop "Mason" Maass: Drums
  • Marco Minnemann: Drums
  • Martin "Dog" Kessler: Drums


Studio albums[edit]

Year Title GER AUT SWI
1994 Time to Move 14 11 8
1996 Discover My Soul 7 5 15
1998 Fly Eyes 19 20 44
2002 Get in the Ring 14 21 45
2004 No Excuses 14 23 53
2007 Open Letter to a Friend 14 - -
2012 HBLX

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Title GER AUT SWI
1999 Bang Boom Bang - - -
2004 More Than a Decade 66 - -

Guest appearances[edit]

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • 1994 - White Magic - Soundtrack (BMG Ariola München GmbH, "Move")
  • 1995 - Always Music '95 (BMG Ariola Special Projects, "Move (The Radio)")
  • 1995 - De Afrekening Volume 9 (Columbia Records, "Move")
  • 1995 - Internationale Hits 95 (Ariola Records, "Risin' High")
  • 1995 - Just The Best Vol. 4 (Polystar Records, "Risin' High (Video Cut)")
  • 1995 - Just The Best Vol. 6 cassette (Polystar Records, "Little Girl (Video Version)")
  • 1995 - Just The Best Vol. 6 CD (Polystar Records, "Little Girl (Video Version)")
  • 1995 - Popcorn - Hyper Dance Power (Ariola, BMG Ariola Media GmbH, "Risin' High")
  • 1995 - Rockgarden Vol. 3 (EVA Belgium, "Risin' High")
  • 1995 - Rockgarden Volume 3 (EVA Records, "Risin' High")
  • 1995 - Stop Chirac (RCA Records, "Revolution")
  • 1995 - Top Of The Pops 1 (Columbia Records, "Move")
  • 1995 - Wild CD 02 (Wild Magazine, "Move")
  • 1996 - Crossing All Over! - Vol. 4 (GUN Records, BMG, "Revolution")
  • 1996 - Fresh (Sonet, PolyGram Finland Oy, "Little Girl")
  • 1996 - Jam - Vol. 3 (BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH, "How Do You Feel?")
  • 1996 - Quote 97 - Niemals Einer Meinung (Eastwest Records, "Little Girl")
  • 1996 - Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 04 (Zoo Magazine (DK), "How Do You Feel?")
  • 1997 - Bravo Super Show 1997 - Volume 4 (BMG Ariola Media GmbH, "Step Back")
  • 1997 - Radio FM4 Soundselection (BMG Ariola Austria GmbH, "Step Back (Loop Version)")
  • 1997 - Vivamania Volume 1 (Sony Music Entertainment (Germany), "Move")
  • 1999 - Crossing All Over! - The Classix(Supersonic Records, BMG, "Risin' High")
  • 1999 - Pop 2000 - 50 Jahre Popmusik Und Jugendkultur In Deutschland (Grönland Records,"Risin' High)
  • 1999 - WWF The Music Vol.4 - Oh Hell Yeah (Stone Cold Steve Austin)
  • 2000 - Bravo Hits 29 (Warner Special Marketing GmbH, Bertelsmann Club, "Ring Of Fire")
  • 2000 - Lords Of The Boards 2000 (Modul Records, "Time Of My Life")
  • 2000 - The Dome Vol. 14 (BMG Ariola, "Ring Of Fire")
  • 2000 - Viva Hits 9 (Polystar Records, "Ring Of Fire (Video Version)")
  • 2001 - Monsterhits (EMM (EMI Music Media), "Ring Of Fire (Video Version)")
  • 2002 - Chart Boxx - Second Highlights (Top 13 Music-Club, "The Power (Single Version)")
  • 2002 - Fetenhits - New Rock Party (Polystar Records, "The Power")
  • 2002 - Pepsi Chart Album (Oy EMI Finland Ab, BMG Finland, Universal Music (Finland), "The Power")
  • 2002 - Rock Zone Special (BMG Russia, "How Do You Feel?")
  • 2004 - Off Road Tracks Vol. 80 (Metal Hammer (Germany), "Where's The Message?")
  • 2006 - American Chopper (EMI Electrola, "Leave Me Alone")
  • 2007 - Dynamit Vol. 57 (RockHard Records, "I Don't Want You To Like Me")


Year Single Peak chart positions Album
1993 Risin' High 34 Time To Move
1994 Move 34
Little Girl
1996 How Do You Feel 28 Discover My Soul
Step Back
1998 Fly Fly Eyes
Take Me Home
2000 Ring of Fire
(featuring Dr. Ring-Ding)
13 10 42 Get In The Ring
2001 C'MON
(featuring B & K)
2002 The Power
(featuring Turbo B)
48 34 51
2004 Leave Me Alone 55 59 No Excuses
Celebrate Youth 42
2007 Countdown to Insanity 35 51 Open Letter To A Friend
"—" denotes the single did not chart or was not released in that country

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