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H-P Products is an American manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and related equipment. Founded by Harold Bishop and Paul Schumacher in 1945, H-P is headquartered in Louisville, Ohio. Bishop and Schumacher originally started the company in order to produce gas conversion burners for residential coal furnaces. In 1946, H-P switched to manufacturing hospital cabinets and boat trailers in Louisville.

H-P’s Vacuum History[edit]

After a short history of manufacturing expanding metal elbow ends for a tube-bending company in Cleveland and light wall tubing and bends for the Industrial Vacuum Industry, the company turned almost entirely to vacuum-cleaner production. In 1953, H-P’s plant on Broad Street burned to the ground and was rebuilt that same year.

Today, H-P makes a wide range of vacuum systems, including Dirt Devil (central vacuums only) and Turbocat. In 1961, H-P released lightweight, inexpensive plastic tubing that reduced the overall cost of residential central vacuums. The company also manufactures automatic inlet valves and lightweight, flexible plastic hoses.