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Stable release
3.6.2 / May 15, 2013
Written inJava
Operating systemLinux, FreeBSD, Windows
TypeWeb hosting control panel

H-Sphere is a web hosting Automation Control Panel for shared web hosting services that was developed by Positive Software and acquired by Parallels, Inc. in September 2007.[1] It is available for Linux, Unix and Windows environments and works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. H-Sphere has been written in Java and works with any SQL-compliant database.



  • Scalable multiserver cluster: different physical and logical servers (web, mail, DNS etc.) are managed from one control panel. More servers can be added on the fly.
  • Multilingual support includes English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), and several other languages integrated by means of add-ons.
  • H-Sphere is recognized for end-user features availability, such as mail system, site building tools, SSL, etc. "Beginning webmasters may find H-Sphere too complicated for their needs. More advanced users, however, appreciate the features and control that H-Sphere offers the end user."[3]
  • H-Sphere may give place to other panels as regards its ease of use, but not its online documentation.
  • H-Sphere has enlisted a community of online supporters who name it among their favorite control panels.[4]
  • Integrated Backup capability with the ClusterLogics system created by Cartika


  • Licenses for H-Sphere accounts are more expensive than those of its competitors. Though, it is noted that H-Sphere licenses are reusable and sold for a cluster, not for a server, as with Ensim Pro.
  • Some customers state H-Sphere has too many advanced features and thus is a too complicated solution for small hosting companies, especially as a single server installation. While others note that H-Sphere advantages are more demonstrable on multi-server clusters.
  • On a single server mode H-Sphere consumes more server resources than other major single server control panels.[5]
  • H-Sphere control panel interface extensively uses JavaScript. Some reviewers regard it as a disadvantage.[6]
  • H-Sphere control panel by default works on non-standard 8080 and 8443 ports that may be blocked by client-side firewalls; but this can easily be changed in the configuration.
  • H-Sphere (like cPanel, but unlike Plesk) provides online file source editing, however with H-Sphere only allows editing of .txt or .html files and without line numbers in edit mode, thus limiting PHP and other script editing possibilities.

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