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HD Vest, Inc.
IndustryFinancial services
FounderHerbie D. Vest
United States
Number of locations
Over 4,500 financial advisors
Key people
Bob Oros (CEO)
Roger Ochs (President)
AUMUS$ $37 billion (2015)[1]
Number of employees
Approx. 350

HD Vest, Inc. is an American financial services firm, which offers tax and other financial planning consultations to its customers. Founded in 1983 as "HD Vest Investment Securities, Inc.", the company now operates under the name "HD Vest Financial Services".[citation needed]


HD Vest was founded by Herbie Darwin Vest in 1983.[2] Herb Vest, a Certified Public Accountant, had started his own public accounting firm in 1973. He started offering investment planning services and selling of securities on a commission basis in 1979. In 1983, he established the SEC-registered securities broker-dealer firm HD Vest Investment Securities, Inc. He established a network of accountant and brokers. HD Vest successfully challenged the AICPA code, which prohibited accountants from accepting commissions.[3]

In December 1986, Herb Vest established "HD Vest, Inc.", which acquired the HD Vest Investment Securities, Inc." in 1987. The company went public in July 1988. At the end of 1991, it reported a revenue of $20 million, and a profit of around $922,000. The revenues grew above $35 million in 1992, but the company lost around $3.2 million.[citation needed]

In 1992, HD Vest adopted cost-cutting measures and started focusing more on training. The company's revenues grew to $46 million in 1993, while the profit increased to $3 million. In the mid-1990s, the company's started shifting from commission-based sales to fee-based portfolio advisory services. After posting a loss in 1994, it gradually improved and reported revenues above $100 million in 1998.[3]

In 1999, Herb Vest was declared as "Entrepreneur of The Year" by Ernst & Young. In 2000, as a marketing effort, HD Vest started offering free online tax return preparation.[4] It reported that 260,000 taxpayers had filed their returns using the free service in 2000.[5] In 2000, it launched the MyHDVEST.com portal for its customers.[6] It also partnered with CompuBank and National Financial Services Corporation to offer online banking services integrated with its own services. Its revenues increased from $150.2 million in 1999 to $193.8 million in 2000.[7]

HD Vest was acquired by Wells Fargo in 2001 for $127.5 million.[8] Herb Vest stepped down as the company's top executive, and was replaced by Roger Ochs. Wells Fargo sold the HD Vest Financial Services brokerage and tax-advisory unit to the private-equity firm Parthenon Capital Partners in 2011.[9]

In August 2013, HD Vest Financial Services re-branded as HD Vest Financial Services and updated their logo and color palette. On 14 October 2015, Bellevue, WA-based company Blucora announced that it will acquire HD Vest for approximately $580 million.[10]

HD Vest was rebranded as Avantax Wealth Management in 2019.

After leaving HD Vest Financial Services, Herb Vest founded the controversial online dating service True, which was active from 2003 to 2013.

Year Event
1983 HD Vest was founded by Herb D. Vest, who recognized a growing need for clients to receive financial advice that aligned with their tax situation and strategies.
1986 Texas Board of Accountancy allows CPAs to receive commissions for financial services
1987 First Public Offering ($1MM)
1988 AICPA reverses policy prohibiting CPAs from receiving commissions for financial services
1988 HD Vest forms HD Vest Advisory Services, and begins offering fee-based programs.
1989 HD Vest is listed on NASDAQ
1999 Roger Ochs is named president of HD Vest
2000 HD Vest offers free online tax returns
2001 HD Vest is acquired by Wells Fargo & Company
2004 HD Vest begins offering banking solutions
2008 HD Vest offers capability to scan checks and paperwork remotely
2009 HD Vest becomes part of Wells Fargo Advisors
2011 HD Vest converts its brokerage platform to First Clearing, LLC, a brokerage clearing institution and an affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company
2011 HD Vest acquired by Parthenon Capital Partners[11]
2015 Blucora announces acquisition of HD Vest[12]


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