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Heat SoutPark 2014.jpg
H.E.A.T Live At South Park Festival, Tampere, Finland, June 7, 2014
Background information
OriginUpplands Väsby, Sweden
GenresArena rock, hard rock, heavy metal, Glam metal
Years active2007–present
LabelsGAIN/Sony Music (Sweden), EarMusic Edel AG (Europe) & Avalon Marquee (Japan)
WebsiteOfficial Website
MembersJona Tee
Jimmy Jay
Don Crash
Erik Grönwall
Dave Dalone
Past membersKenny Leckremo
Eric Rivers

H.E.A.T is a Swedish hard rock group that was formed in Upplands Väsby in 2007, when the prior bands Dream (Jona Tee, Dave Dalone, Kenny Leckremo) and Trading Fate (Don Crash, Jimmy Jay, Eric Rivers) merged. Currently fronted by Erik Grönwall, the band's heavy sound is strongly influenced by past melodic rock groups such as Whitesnake, with H.E.A.T having supported musical acts such as Scorpions.[1] Between autumn 2015 to summer 2017 the group focused entirely on writing and recording songs. Their latest album, Into the Great Unknown, was released in September 2017 via earMUSIC.[2] Dave Ling from Classic Rock Magazine published the following quote in his review of Into the Great Unknown; ”H.E.A.T. have just made the most complete album of their career. Watch their rise continue. H.E.A.T released H.e.a.t II on February 21, 2020 going back to a more heavier sound. H.e.a.t II has been very well received by critics.


The band were signed to Peter Stormares record label StormVox, and in 2008 the debut album H.E.A.T was released. The second album, titled Freedom Rock, came in 2010 on the same record label.

In 2011 they signed with GAIN music (Sony) and they also signed a new management, Hagenburg management.

In 2007, they were an opening act to Toto, and the following year they were the opening act to Sabaton and Alice Cooper, as well as performed at the Sweden Rock Festival that year. They were also awarded with the Årets nykomlingar award, an award given out by the Swedish radio station P4 Dist for the best new artist of the year, as voted by the listeners.

In 2009, the band played at the Melodifestivalen 2009, the Swedish qualifier to the annual Eurovision Song Contest, making it to the final round with the song "1000 miles". The band have also toured around Europe as an opening act to Edguy in January 2009. Vocalist Kenny Leckremo left the band after playing 27 July at Gröna Lund. On 21 August, H.E.A.T. stated that the new singer is Erik Grönwall, Freedom Rock was ranked in the top 10 AOR/Melodic Rock albums of 2010 by Classic Rock Magazine.

H.E.A.T released their third studio album Address The Nation 28 March 2012. The first single from the album was "Living On The Run". It was the first album with new singer Grönwall, and it featured in many of the top 10 list of Music sites around the web.[3] it also received a review of 98% on Melodicrock.com.[4]

2014 saw the return of the much anticipated new album Tearing Down the Walls (H.E.A.T album) and in October 2014 the band headlined the last ever Firefest concert at Rock City in Nottingham, UK.[5]

In early October 2016, guitar player Eric Rivers announced his departure from the band, and almost 2 weeks later it was announced that former guitar player Dave Dalone was replacing him - and therefore returning to the band since departing in 2013.

H.E.A.T released their fifth studio album Into The Great Unknown 20 September 2017, their third with vocalist Erik Grönwall. The album saw the return of Former guitarist Dave Dalone, who rejoined the band after the departure of Eric Rivers in 2016. Dave Ling from Classic Rock Magazine published the following quote in his review of Into the Great Unknown; ”H.E.A.T. have just made the most complete album of their career. Watch their rise continue.” H.E.A.T released H.e.a.t II on February 21, 2020 returning to their heavier sound and to very positive reviews.


H.E.A.T performing in Madrid in 2014

Current members[edit]

  • Jimmy Jay – bass (2007–present)
  • Jona Tee – keyboards (2007–present)
  • Don Crash – drums (2007–present)
  • Erik Grönwall – vocals (2010–present)
  • Dave Dalone – guitars (2007–2013, 2016–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Eric Rivers (Erik Hammarbäck) – guitars (2007–2016)
  • Kenny Leckremo – vocals (2007–2010)



Studio albums[edit]


  • "1000 Miles" (2009)
  • "Keep On Dreaming" (2009)
  • "Beg, Beg, Beg" (2010)
  • "Living on the Run" (2012)
  • "Rise" (2019)
  • "Come Clean" (2020)
  • "Dangerous Ground" (2020)
  • "One by One" (2020)


  • Beg, Beg, Beg (2010)
  • A Shot at Redemption (2014)

Live albums[edit]

  • Live in London (2015)


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