H. D. Shourie

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Padma Vibhushan Hari Dev Shourie
HD Shourie.jpg
Born 1911
Lahore, India.
Died 2005
New Delhi, India
Occupation Bureaucrat, Consumer Activist

Hari Dev Shourie (1911–2005) was a well known consumer activist in India.


Hari Dev Shourie was born in Lahore in undivided India in 1911. He has also served in the Indian Civil Services. He served as Director General at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. He edited the magazine on Consumer rights "Common Cause", which he started even before Indian people were aware of the concept of Consumer rights. He fought a number of Public Interest Litigations, many of which resulted in Landmark Judgements by the Supreme Court of India. He was awarded with Padma Vibhushan, second highest civilian award. He was also named on People of the Year by the Limca Book of Records. Common cause has helped lakhs of people in getting justice - for example getting their pensions etc.


Arun Shourie, former Minister for Communications, IT and Disinvestment and one of India's best known journalists.
Deepak Shourie, managing director, Discovery Communications India.
Nalini Singh, TV journalist-anchor and managing director, TV Live India Pvt Ltd. are his sons and daughter.

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