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H. L. Fischer (1822–1909) (Henry Lee Fischer) was a Pennsylvania German language writer and translator. He was born in what was called the Dutch Settlement in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, USA in 1822, and died in 1909. He worked as a teacher and lawyer, and in later years during a siege of illness, wrote a lot of Pennsylvania German language poetry, including the translation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven", which was published in pamphlet form at his Mapleshade home at York, 1891-07-07.

A few lines from "Der Krab", his translation of "The Raven":

Es war mitternacht un' schaurig,
Ich war schlaf'rig, mud, un traurig
Uewer fiel so alte Bucher
Foll so ganz fergess'ne ne Lehr;
Un' ich hab so halwer g'schlummert -
Hot 's uf e'mol so gebummert -
So wie 's macht wan 's bissel dunnert
- Das es rappelt an der Dheer;
" 'S isch en B'sucher," sag ich zu mer
Selwert, - "Klopt an meiner Dheer -
Des, allee, isch 's was ich hor."