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This is a complete list of works by H. P. Lovecraft. Dates for the fiction, collaborations and juvenilia are in the format: composition date / first publication date, taken from An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia by S. T. Joshi and D. E. Schultz, Hippocampus Press, New York, 2001. For other sections, dates are the time of composition, not publication. Many of these works can be found on Wikisource.


Sl. No. Title Date written Date published Form
1 "The Tomb" Jun 1917 Mar 1922 Short story
2 "Dagon" Jul 1917 Nov 1919 Short story
3 "A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson" Sum-early Fall 1917 Sep 1917 Short story
4 "Polaris" Spr-Sum 1918 Dec 1920 Short story
5 "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" Spr 1919 Oct 1919 Short story
6 "Memory" Spr 1919 May 1923 Flash fiction
7 "Old Bugs" c.Jul 1919 1959 Short story
8 "The Transition of Juan Romero" 16 September 1919 1944 Short story
9 "The White Ship" c.Oct 1919 Nov 1919 Short story
10 "The Doom that Came to Sarnath" 3 December 1919 Jun 1920 Short story
11 "The Statement of Randolph Carter" Dec 1919 May 1920 Short story
12 "The Street" late 1919 Dec 1920 Short story
13 "The Terrible Old Man" 28 January 1920 Jul 1921 Short story
14 "The Cats of Ulthar" 15 June 1920 Nov 1920 Short story
15 "The Tree" Jan-Jun 1920 Oct 1921 Short story
16 "Celephaïs" early Nov 1920 May 1922 Short story
17 "From Beyond" 16 November 1920 Jun 1934 Short story
18 "The Temple" c. Jun-Nov 1920 Sep 1925 Short story
19 "Nyarlathotep" c.Nov 1920 Nov 1920 Short story
20 "The Picture in the House" 12 December 1920 Sum 1921 Short story
21 "Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family" Fall 1920 Mar & Jun 1921 as "The White Ape" Short story
22 "The Nameless City" Jan 1921 Nov 1921 Short story
23 "The Quest of Iranon" 28 February 1921 Jul-Aug 1935 Short story
24 "The Moon-Bog" March 10, 1921 Jun 1926 Short story
25 "Ex Oblivione" 1920 – Mar 1921 (unclear) Mar 1921 Short story
26 "The Other Gods" 14 August 1921 Nov 1933 Short story
27 "The Outsider" Spr-Sum 1921 Apr 1926 Short story
28 "The Music of Erich Zann" Dec 1921 Mar 1922 Short story
29 "Sweet Ermengarde" c. 1919–21? 1943 Short story
30 "Hypnos" Mar 1922 May 1923 Short story
31 "What the Moon Brings" 5 June 1922 May 1923 Short story
32 "Azathoth" Fragment Jun 1922 Jun 1938 Novel fragment
33 "Herbert West–Reanimator" Oct 1921 – Jun 1922 Feb-Jul 1922 Short story
34 "The Hound" Oct 1922 Feb 1924 Short story
35 "The Lurking Fear" Nov 1922 Jan-Apr 1923 Short story
36 "The Rats in the Walls" Aug-Sep 1923 Mar 1924 Short story
37 "The Unnamable" Sep 1923 Jul 1925 Short story
38 "The Festival" Oct 1923 Jan 1925 Short story
39 "The Shunned House" Oct 1924 Oct 1937 Short story
40 "The Horror at Red Hook" 1-2 Aug 1925 Jan 1927 Short story
41 "He" 11 August 1925 Sep 1926 Short story
42 "In the Vault" 18 September 1925 Nov 1925 Short story
43 "Cool Air" Feb 1926 Mar 1928 Short story
44 "The Call of Cthulhu" Aug-Sep 1926 Feb 1928 Short story
45 "Pickman's Model" Sep 1926 Oct 1927 Short story
46 "The Strange High House in the Mist" 9 November 1926 Oct 1931 Short story
47 "The Silver Key" Nov 1926 Jan 1929 Short story
48 The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Oct 1926-22 Jan 1927 1943 Novella
49 The Case of Charles Dexter Ward Jan-Mar 1, 1927 May & Jul 1941 Novel
50 "The Colour Out of Space" Mar 1927 Sep 1927 Short story
51 "The Descendant" Fragment early 1927 1938 Short story fragment
52 "The Very Old Folk" 3 November 1927 Sum 1940 Letter excerpt
53 "History of the Necronomicon" sketch Fall 1927 1938 Brief pseudo-history
54 "The Dunwich Horror" Aug 1928 Apr 1929 Short story
55 "Ibid" Sum 1928 Jan 1938 Short story
56 The Whisperer in Darkness 24 Feb-Sep 26, 1930 Aug 1931 Novella
57 At the Mountains of Madness 24 Feb-Mar 22, 1931 Feb-Apr 1936 Novella
58 The Shadow over Innsmouth Nov-Dec 1931 Apr 1936 Novella
59 "The Dreams in the Witch House" Feb 1932 Jul 1933 Short story
60 "The Thing on the Doorstep" 21-24 Aug 1933 Jan 1937 Short story
61 "The Book" Fragment c.Oct 1933 1938 Short story fragment
62 "The Evil Clergyman" Letter extract Fall 1933 Apr 1939 Letter excerpt
63 The Shadow Out of Time 10 Nov 1934- February 22, 1935 Jun 1936 Novella
64 "The Haunter of the Dark" 5-9 Nov 1935 Dec 1936 Short story

Collaborations, revisions, and ghost writing[edit]

Title Date written Date published Collaborators (or Revision Client)
The Battle that Ended the Century Jun 1934 Jun 1934 R. H. Barlow
Bothon 1946 1946 Henry S. Whitehead
The Challenge from Beyond Aug 1935 Sep 1935 C.L. Moore, A. Merritt, Robert E. Howard and Frank Belknap Long
Collapsing Cosmoses 1938 1938 R. H. Barlow
The Crawling Chaos c. Dec 1920 Apr 1921 Winifred V. Jackson
The Curse of Yig Spring 1928 Nov 1929 Zealia Bishop
The Diary of Alonzo Typer Oct 1935 Feb 1938 William Lumley
The Disinterment Sep 1935 Jan 1937 Duane W. Rimel
The Electric Executioner Jul 1929 Aug 1930 Adolphe de Castro
The Green Meadow c. 1918-1919 Spring 1927 Winifred V. Jackson
Four O'Clock 1922 1922 Sonia Greene
The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast 1933 1933 R. H. Barlow
The Horror at Martin's Beach Jun 1922 Nov 1923 Sonia Greene
The Horror in the Burying-Ground c. 1933-1934 May 1937 Hazel Heald
The Horror in the Museum Oct 1932 Jul 1933 Hazel Heald
Imprisoned with the Pharaohs Feb 1924 May-Jul 1924 Harry Houdini
The Last Test c. Oct-Nov 1927 Nov 1928 Adolphe de Castro
The Man of Stone Summer 1932 Oct 1932 Hazel Heald
Medusa's Coil c. May-Aug 1930 Jan 1939 Zealia Bishop
The Mound c. Dec 1929 – Jan 1930 Nov 1940 Zealia Bishop
The Night Ocean Summer 1936 Winter 1939 R. H. Barlow
Out of the Aeons c. Aug 1933 Apr 1935 Hazel Heald
Poetry and the Gods c. Summer 1920 Sep 1920 Anna Helen Crofts
The Slaying of the Monster 1933 1933 R. H. Barlow
The Sorcery of Aphlar 1934 1934 Duane W. Rimel
The Thing in the Moonlight Nov 1927 Jan 1941 J. Chapman Miske Note: Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi considers this a spurious Lovecraft story. It was an account of a dream extracted from one of Lovecraft's letters by editor Miske (cf. "The Evil Clergyman", and "The Very Old Folk"), and published under a title given it by Miske.
Through the Gates of the Silver Key Oct 1932 – Apr 1933 Jul 1934 Edgar Hoffmann Price
Till A'the Seas Jan 1935 Summer 1935 R. H. Barlow
The Trap c. Summer 1931 Mar 1932 Henry S. Whitehead
The Tree on the Hill May 1934 Sep 1940 Duane W. Rimel
Two Black Bottles Jun-oct 1926 Aug 1927 Wilfred Blanch Talman
In the Walls of Eryx Jan 1936 Oct 1939 Kenneth Sterling
Winged Death c. Summer 1932 Mar 1934 Hazel Heald
Satan's Servants 1935 1949 Robert Bloch
Great Ghost Stories 1998 1998 Peter Glassman and Barry Moser

Works by August Derleth related to H. P. Lovecraft's works and notes[edit]

While often considered to be collaborations, the status of these works as such is disputed, despite their traditional status as belonging to the Cthulhu Mythos.[1]

Unknown authorship[edit]

  • The Inevitable Conflict. This was published in Amazing Stories (December 1930 and January 1931) under the name P. H. Lovering. A variety of evidence, including statistical analysis of the writing structure, has been put forward to suggest that Lovecraft was not the author.[2]



Lovecraft's poem "Hallowee'en in a Suburb" was cover-featured on the September 1952 Weird Tales

Philosophical works[edit]

Scientific works[edit]

Miscellaneous writings[edit]

Reprintings and collections[edit]

The following are modern reprintings and collections of Lovecraft's work. This list includes only editions by select publishers; therefore, this list is not exhaustive:


  1. ^ S. T. Joshi (2009). H.P. Lovecraft : A Comprehensive Bibliography. Tampa, FL: University of Tampa Press. ISBN 978-1-59732-069-6. These sixteen stories, listed as by "H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth", were in fact written almost entirely by Derleth. In most cases, the stories were based on one or more ideas noted in Lovecraft's Commonplace Book; for example, "The Fisherman of Falcon Point" was based on this entry: "Fisherman casts his net into the sea by moonlight—what he finds." Plotting, description, dialogue, characterization, and other elements were entirely by Derleth. As such they cannot be classified as works by Lovecraft. In some instances Derleth incorporated actual prose passages by Lovecraft into his stories. The Lurker at the Threshold (a 50,000-word novel) contains about 1,200 words by Lovecraft, most of it taken from a fragment entitled "Of Evill Sorceries Done in New England" (see B-i-42), the balance from a fragment now titled "The Rose Window" (see B-ii-322). "The Survivor" was based on a comparatively lengthy plot sketch plus random notes for the story jotted down by Lovecraft in 1934. A descriptive passage of "The Lamp of Alhazred" was based on a portion of a letter by Lovecraft to Derleth, November 18, 1936. These extracts or paraphrases, however, have not been deemed significant enough to merit inclusion in this bibliography. 
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