Hans Peter Anvin

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Peter Anvin
Born (1972-01-12) January 12, 1972 (age 43)
Västerås,  Sweden
Residence San Jose, California[1]
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Software engineer
Employer Intel Corporation
Known for SYSLINUX,[1][2][3] Linux kernel
Spouse(s) Suzi Anvin, née Susan Elizabeth Esser
Website H. Peter Anvin's nonexistent home page

Hans Peter Anvin, known as H. Peter Anvin, or simply Peter Anvin, or even hpa, is a Swedish computer programmer who has distinguished himself by his contributions to Free and open source software projects. He is the originator of SYSLINUX,[1][2][3] Linux Assigned Names and Numbers Authority (LANANA), and various Linux kernel features[1] such as:

Anvin was previously maintainer of the linux.* Usenet newsgroup hierarchy[1] and the Linux kernel archives at kernel.org, wrote the original Swap Space How-to, and the "Linux/I386 Boot Protocol" (file: linux/Documentation/i386/boot.txt)

Peter Anvin graduated in 1994 from Northwestern University,[6] where he also was president of the Northwestern Amateur Radio Society (W9BGX); his amateur radio call sign is AD6QZ (formerly N9ITP). According to his personal web site, he is a believer in the Bahá'í Faith.[7]

In addition to his regular employment at Intel's Open Source Technology Center, Anvin is currently co-maintainer of the unified x86/x86-64 Linux kernel tree, chief maintainer of the Netwide Assembler (NASM) and SYSLINUX projects.[3] Previous employers include Transmeta, where he performed as architect and technical director; Orion Multisystems, working on CPU architecture and code morphing software; and rPath.


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