Hans Peter Anvin

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Peter Anvin
H Peter Anvin at Intel.jpg
Born (1972-01-12) January 12, 1972 (age 45)
Västerås, Sweden
Residence San Jose, California[1]
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Software engineer
Employer Intel Corporation
Known for SYSLINUX,[1][2][3] Linux kernel
Website H. Peter Anvin's nonexistent home page

Hans Peter Anvin, known as H. Peter Anvin, or simply Peter Anvin, or even hpa (born 1972), is a Swedish computer programmer who has distinguished himself by his contributions to Free and open source software projects.

Anvin is the originator of SYSLINUX,[1][2][3] Linux Assigned Names and Numbers Authority (LANANA), and various Linux kernel features[1].


Anvin was previously maintainer of the linux.* Usenet newsgroup hierarchy[1] and the Linux kernel archives at kernel.org, wrote the original Swap Space How-to, and the "Linux/I386 Boot Protocol" (file: linux/Documentation/i386/boot.txt)

Peter Anvin graduated in 1994 from Northwestern University,[4] where he also was president of the Northwestern Amateur Radio Society (W9BGX); his amateur radio call sign is AD6QZ (formerly N9ITP). According to his personal web site, he is a believer in the Bahá'í Faith.[5]

In addition to his regular employment at Intel's Open Source Technology Center, Anvin is currently co-maintainer of the unified x86/x86-64 Linux kernel tree, chief maintainer of the Netwide Assembler (NASM) and SYSLINUX projects.[3] Previous employers include Transmeta, where he performed as architect and technical director; Orion Multisystems, working on CPU architecture and code morphing software; and rPath.

Linux kernel works[edit]


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