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Henry Richards Luard (25 August 1825, London – 1 May 1891, Cambridge) was a British medieval historian and antiquary.[1]


Luard was the son of Henry Luard. He received his early education at Cheam. He graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1847, and 1849 was elected to a Fellowship.[2] He entered holy orders, and served as vicar of Great St. Mary's Church, Cambridge from 1860 to 1887.[3][4]

Antiquarian activities[edit]

Luard was a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge and of King's College London, and was Registrary of the University of Cambridge, and worked on cataloguing the manuscripts in the Cambridge University Library. He edited 17 volumes of medieval chronicles and other texts for the Rolls Series,[5] and was an early scholarly editor of the papers of Isaac Newton[6]

Personal life[edit]

In 1862 Luard married Louisa Calthorpe, youngest daughter of George Hodson, Archdeacon of Stafford. She pre-deceased him in 1889. Both are buried at Parish of the Ascension Burial Ground, Cambridge.

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