H. R. Milner Generating Station

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H. R. Milner Generating Station
Location Municipal District of Greenview No. 16, near Grande Cache, Alberta
Coordinates 54°00′26″N 119°06′12″W / 54.0073°N 119.1034°W / 54.0073; -119.1034Coordinates: 54°00′26″N 119°06′12″W / 54.0073°N 119.1034°W / 54.0073; -119.1034
Status Active
Commission date 1972
Owner(s) Milner Power Inc.
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Secondary fuel Natural Gas
Type Steam turbine
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 144 MW

H. R. Milner Generating Station is a coal fired station owned by Maxim Power, located near Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada. Fuel is provided by the nearby coal mine.[1] The plant was constructed and initially owned by Canadian Utilities, then owned by ATCO Power from 2000-2004. The plant is named after H. R. Milner a former executive with Canadian Utilities.


The station consists of one 144 MW unit.

In 2011 the Alberta Utilities Commission approved the construction of a new 500 MW Supercritical Unit.[2] This was considered controversial as the approval was given just in time to allow construction to be completed before new federal regulations (essentially preventing new coal plant construction) were put into place.[3] In the wake of new federal regulations governing greenhouse gas emissions introduced in 2012, Maxim Power applied to change the new unit from one 500 MW coal-fired generator, to two 260 MW natural gas fired generators. This application was approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission in June 2014.[4]