H. Salt Esquire

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H. Salt Esquire
H. Salt, Esq. Authentic English Fish and Chips
FormerlySalt's Fish & Chips
TypeFast food restaurant
Founded1965; 56 years ago (1965) in Sausalito, California, United States
FounderHaddon Salt
Number of locations
10 (2020)
Area served

H. Salt Esquire is a Monterey Park, California-based fast food restaurant chain which specializes in fish and chips. The chain joined with KFC in 1969 to expand its operations throughout the United States.[1][2]


Haddon Salt, originally of Skegness, England, opened Salt's Fish & Chips in Sausalito, California in 1965.[3] An advertising firm later recommended the name be changed to the more British sounding H. Salt, Esq. Authentic English Fish and Chips.[4]

KFC entered a joint venture with H. Salt in 1969.[5] It sold off the chain in 1980.[6]

H. Salt today[edit]

As of 2020 there were seven franchise locations throughout Southern California.[7] An additional three Northern Californian locations were located in Sacramento, Richmond and San Jose.

While there were once 50 to 60 locations in the Toronto area, all that remains in Canada today are two seasonal outlets that operate for 18 days a year at the Food Building during the Canadian National Exhibition.[8]

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