H3 (film)

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Directed by Les Blair
Produced by James Flynn
Written by Brian Campbell
Laurence McKeown
Starring Brendan Mackey ("Seamus")
Mark O'Halloran (Bobby Sands)
Music by Ray Harmon
Cinematography Owen McPolin
Edited by Niamh Fagan
Distributed by Metropolitan Films
Release date
Running time
88 minutes
Country Ireland
Language English

H3 is a film released in 2001 about the 1981 Irish hunger strike at HM Prison Maze in Northern Ireland, the events leading up to it, and subsequent developments in the prisoners' struggle for Prisoner of War status. It was directed by Les Blair and was written by Brian Campbell and Laurence McKeown; McKeown was a former volunteer in the Provisional IRA who participated in the hunger strike.



The film was nominated for four awards and won one of them, the Golden Rosa Camuna award at the Bergamo Film Meeting.

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