H6: Diary of a Serial Killer

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H6: Diary of a Serial Killer
H6- Diario de un asesino.jpg
Directed by Martín Garrido Barón
Produced by Mark Albela
Denise O'Dell
Written by Martín Garrido
Starring Raquel Arenas
Alejo Sauras
Antonio Mayans
Music by Gaby Jamieson
José Sánchez-Sanz
Cinematography Sergio Delgado
Edited by Samuel Gómez
Distributed by Aurum Producciones
Release dates
29 April 2005
Running time
92 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish
Budget € 1.2 Million

H6: Diary of a Serial Killer is a 2006 Spanish horror film directed by Martín Garrido Barón and was written by Martín Garrido.[1]


H6 tells the story of Antonio Frau, a serial killer set free after serving 25 years in jail for the violent murder of his girlfriend. After inheriting an old motel from a relative he never knew, he sees this as a signal and takes to his holy task of relieving the grief of those who have lost the will to live. He takes his victims to room Number 6 in the motel where he 'purifies' them, while, at the same time, continues his everyday life next to his wife. A mistake leads to his arrest, and his plan to become rich and famous takes relevance.


  • Fernando Acaso as Antonio Frau
  • Ángel Alarcón as Francisca's Father
  • Raquel Arenas as Rosa
  • Ruperto Ares as Pablo
  • María José Bausá as Francisca
  • Ramón Del Pomar as Curro
  • Miquel Fernandez as Antonio Frau
  • Martín Garrido as Miguel Oliver
  • Antonio Mayans as Dr. Planas
  • Sonia Moreno as Tina
  • Xènia Reguant as Marisa
  • Mark San Juan as Peralta
  • Alejo Sauras as Cristóbal
  • Elena Seguí as Soledad Mendez
  • Miquel Sitjar as Flores


The film premiered on 29 April 2005 as part of the Málaga Film Festival.[2] It was on 3 November 2005 part of the San Sebastián Horror and Fantasy Film Festival and the renomated Festival de Cine Negro de Manresa on 19 November 2005.[3] H6 had a theatrical release in Spain on 7 July 2006 and was in the United States released as direct to video production on 21 November 2006.[4]


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