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In aviation, in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and elsewhere, HASELL or alternatively HASEL, is a standard mnemonic to prompt a series of checks prior to carrying out many types of manoeuvres, such as stalls, spins, spiral dives or aerobatics.[1]

The HASEL acronym stands for:[1]

  • Height
  • Area
  • Security
  • Engine
  • Lookout

or alternatively:[2][3]

  • Height
  • Airframe
  • Security
  • Engine
  • Location
  • Lookout

HASELL is often abbreviated to HELL for any subsequent manoeuvres.

The Area or Location check can be broken down into the following checks with the mnemonic ABCCD:[3]

  • Active airfields
  • Built up areas
  • Cloud
  • Controlled airspace
  • Danger areas


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