HAS University of Applied Sciences

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HAS University of Applied Sciences
HAS UniversitylogoRGB.jpg
Logo of HAS University of Applied Sciences
Motto the university of agribusiness, food and living environment
Type Public
Established 1947
Chairman Dick Pouwels
Administrative staff
Students 3400
Location 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Affiliations ZLTO
Website http://www.hasinternational.nl/
HAS Den Bosch's-Hertogenbosch

HAS University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: HAS Hogeschool) is an independent university of applied sciences, specialising in agriculture, horticulture, food, nature conservation and environment. It is located in 's-Hertogenbosch, the regional capital of North Brabant and Venlo. All bachelor programmes are accredited by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation. In 2016 there were around 3400 students enrolled at HAS University of Applied Sciences.


On 13 October 1947 MLS (middelbare landbouwschool) was opened in Roermond, and followed a year later by the MZS (middelbare landbouwschool). In 1956 the higher horticulture school was opened in Nijmegen, which became part of HAS (hogere agrarische scholen gemeenschap) which formed the KNBTB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Boeren- en Tuindersbond) in Den Bosch in 1962. This was later renamed to HAS University of Applied Sciences.


Flower arrangement

The university is divided into three departments, offering nine Dutch-taught bachelor programmes and three English-taught Bachelor programmes.

Department of Agribusiness[edit]

The department of Green Business offers three Dutch and two English Bachelor courses. Animal Husbandry, Business Administration & Agribusiness and Horticulture & Arable Farming, are the three Dutch Bachelor programmes. International Farm Management and Horticulture & Business Management are the English-taught Bachelor programmes.

Department of Food[edit]

This department offers two Dutch Bachelor programmes and one English Bachelor programme. The Dutch Bachelor programmes are; Food Innovation and Food Technology. The English Bachelor programme is International Food & Agribusiness.

Department of Biology & Environment[edit]

This department offers four Dutch Bachelor programs. Geo Media & Design, Spatial and Environmental Planning, Environmental Science, and Applied Biology are the four Dutch Bachelor courses.

Department Agribusiness Food Biology & Environment
Dutch Courses Bachelor Courses Animal Husbandry Food Innovation Spatial & Environmental Planning
Horticulture & Arable Farming Food Technology Environmental Science
Business Administration & Agribusinessg Applied Biology
Geo Media & Design
English Courses Horticulture & Business Management International Food & Agribusiness
International Farm Management


  • 2001 NIMA award won by teachers of the HAS
  • 2004 Het Ei van Columbus,[1] won by students for innovation and sustainability
  • 2016 Elsevier 'Best University of applied sciences of the Netherlands' award

Partner institutions[edit]

Writtle College[edit]

The Master programmes of HAS Den Bosch are offered jointly with Writtle College in the United Kingdom, where the first three months of the courses take place.

HAS Training and Consultancy[edit]

HAS Training and Consultancy (Dutch: HAS Kennistransfer en Bedrijfsopleidingen), a partner of HAS University of Applied Sciences, offers research and consultancy services, training programs and courses for business and government organizations in the agribusiness and the food sector. HAS Training and Consultancy allows international students of HAS University of Applied Sciences to participate in research as part of their graduation projects, under the supervision of a consultant.


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