HAV Eiendom

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HAV Eiendom AS
Industry Real estate
Founded 7 April 2003
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Area served
Owner Oslo Port Authority

HAV Eiendom AS is a company that is responsible for the urban redevelopment of the Bjørvika area of Oslo, Norway. Owned by the Oslo Port Authority, the former owner of the Bjørvika area, the company's goal is to "participate in the urban development of the Bjørvika area through development, rental, management, purchase and sale of real estate in the Bjørvika area". The company was founded on 7 April 2003.[1]

The company owns most of the real estate in Bjørvika, though parts have been sold to Statsbygg to build the Oslo Opera House. As of 2009, the company retains 15.6 hectares (39 acres) of land, and is able to develop 570,000 square metres (6,100,000 sq ft) of real estate. This includes the possibility of 5,000 apartments, in addition to commercial buildings and several of the countries largest cultural institutions, including the Stenersen Museum, the Munch Museum and Oslo Public Library.[1] About 20,000 jobs will be located to Bjørvika.[2] Most of the development will begin after 2010, when the Bjørvika Tunnel opens and the European Route E18 north of Bjørvika, including Bispelokket, is removed.[3] The development of Sørengautstikkeren, a peninsula that sticks out form Bjørvika, has been sold to a private company, Sørenga Utvikling.[4]

Along with Oslo S Utvikling, that will develop real estate on property owned by the Norwegian State Railways in the north of Bjørvika, HAV Eiendom owns Bjørvika Utvikling. This company is responsible for overall planning and the development of infrastructure and public areas in Bjørvika.[5]


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