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HBF Health Insurance
TypeNot for profit
IndustryPrivate health insurance
HeadquartersPerth, Western Australia
Key people
John Van der Wielen (managing director)
ProductsHealth insurance, home insurance, vehicle insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, workplace health promotion

HBF is a private health insurance company[1] based in Perth, Western Australia. HBF is Western Australia's largest health insurance provider[2] and also offers general insurance products including life insurance,[3] car insurance,[4] home insurance[5] and travel insurance.[6]


In 1941, HBF was established as the Metropolitan Hospitals Benefit Fund of Western Australia, with the core purpose of providing affordable health services to Western Australians. HBF's purpose can be directly traced back to its origins as a key provider of social services prior to the introduction of universal government health cover in Medicare. It was established to provide a pool of funds to ensure the ongoing provision of affordable health services for members. Since its inception, HBF has grown to become the leading provider of health insurance in Western Australia.

In 2009, HBF had 7.7% of the national market share for private health insurance.[7]

On 8 May 2017 senior international executive, Mr John Van der Wielen took up his appointment as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HBF Health.[8]


HBF offers health insurance for hospital, ancillary, urgent ambulance and cover for complementary therapies. HBF also offers life, car, home and travel insurance. General insurance is underwritten by CGU Insurance. Life Insurance is underwritten by Zurich Insurance.


HBF has 18 branches located throughout Western Australia:[9]

HBF has expanded locations to include 3 kiosks in Melbourne Victoria:[9]


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