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HBO Films
Industry Film, cable television
Founded 1983; 35 years ago (1983) in New York, New York, United States
Headquarters United States
Products Films, miniseries, television programs
Parent HBO

HBO Films (formerly called HBO Premiere Films and HBO Pictures) is a division of the cable television network HBO that produces feature films and miniseries.[1] The division produces fiction and non-fiction works, primarily for distribution to their own customers, though recently the company has been funding theatrical releases.[2]


While much of HBO Films output is created directly for the television market, such as the film Witness Protection and the miniseries Angels in America, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Generation Kill, and Mildred Pierce, it has also branched into theatrical distribution with such critically acclaimed films as Elephant and American Splendor, in which their theatrical releases were handled by Fine Line Features, then a subsidiary of New Line Cinema. Theatrical releases of HBO Films output were usually handled by Picturehouse, a joint venture between HBO Films and New Line (as Fine Line was folded into Picturehouse); both were owned by Time Warner.

HBO began producing films in 1983 with their HBO Premiere Films banner. Their first film, The Terry Fox Story, was also the first feature film produced expressly for pay television. In 1984, HBO Pictures was started, folding the Premiere Films (the name was used until May 1986, the last film was As Summers Die[3]) brand into it. Another film production company, HBO Showcase (later HBO NYC) as a part of HBO Pictures and was folded into HBO to create the current company HBO Films.


The films produced by the company have garnered hundreds of Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. HBO Films productions have won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie every year from 1993 to 2015, except 2000 and 2003. Elephant is the first film produced by HBO Films to win the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Life According to Sam is a 2013 documentary film produced by HBO Films and based on the life of Sam Berns and has been shown at film festivals, including Sundance, and it was broadcast on HBO in October. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said it was among 15 documentaries considered for Oscar nominations.[4][5][6]

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