HBW Balingen-Weilstetten

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HBW Balingen-Weilstetten
Full name Handball Balingen-Weilstetten e.V.
Short name HBW
Founded 2002
Arena Sparkassen-Arena
Capacity 2,300
President Siegfried Braun
Head coach Frank Bergemann[1]
League 2. Handball-Bundesliga
2016–17 Handball-Bundesliga, 17th (relegated)
Club colours          
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Team colours
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HBW Balingen-Weilstetten is a handball club from Balingen, Germany. Currently, they compete in the German First League of Handball.
HBW was founded in 2002, when the TSG Balingen and the TV Weilstetten connected their handball categories.[2] In 2006 they won the Championship in the southern section of the second division and went up into the Handball-Bundesliga.


2010/11 squad[edit]

No. Name Position DOB Nationality
1 Nikola Marinović Goalkeeper 29. August 1976 Austria
12 Ivan Zoubkoff Goalkeeper 24. August 1977 France
3 Felix König Left Back 26. October 1990 Germany
4 Felix Lobedank Right Back 12. August 1984 Germany
5 Benjamin Herth Left Wing 3. August 1985 Germany
6 Daniel Sauer Left Back 18. October 1981 Germany
8 Dennis Wilke Right Wing 14. September 1985 Germany
9 Frank Ettwein Left Wing 26. July 1977 Germany
10 Roland Schlinger Left Back 17. September 1982 Austria
11 Wolfgang Strobel Pivot 15. December 1983 Germany
14 Vlatko Mitkov Right Back 16. August 1981 Republic of Macedonia
15 Mare Hojc Center Back 5. January 1982 Austria
17 Vladimir Temelkov Right Wing 26. March 1980 Republic of Macedonia
18 Jens Bürkle Pivot 14. January 1980 Germany
19 Johan Boisedu Left Back 14. December 1979 France
20 Sascha Ilitsch Left Back 8. August 1985 Germany
21 Sandro Catak Center Back 30. May 1984 Germany

Former notable players[edit]


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