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Apache HBase
HBase Logo.png
Developer(s) Apache Software Foundation
Stable release / 21 May 2015 (2015-05-21)
Development status Active
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
License Apache License 2.0
Website hbase.apache.org

HBase is an open source, non-relational, distributed database modeled after Google's BigTable and written in Java. It is developed as part of Apache Software Foundation's Apache Hadoop project and runs on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed Filesystem), providing BigTable-like capabilities for Hadoop. That is, it provides a fault-tolerant way of storing large quantities of sparse data (small amounts of information caught within a large collection of empty or unimportant data, such as finding the 50 largest items in a group of 2 billion records, or finding the non-zero items representing less than 0.1% of a huge collection).

HBase features compression, in-memory operation, and Bloom filters on a per-column basis as outlined in the original BigTable paper.[1] Tables in HBase can serve as the input and output for MapReduce jobs run in Hadoop, and may be accessed through the Java API but also through REST, Avro or Thrift gateway APIs.

HBase is not a direct replacement for a classic SQL database, however Apache Phoenix project provides a SQL layer for Hbase as well as JDBC driver that can be integrated with various analytics and business intelligence applications.

Hbase is now serving several data-driven websites,[2] including Facebook's Messaging Platform.[3][4]

In the parlance of Eric Brewer’s CAP Theorem, HBase is a CP type system.


Apache HBase began as a project by the company Powerset out of a need to process massive amounts of data for the purposes of natural language search. It is now a top-level Apache project.

Facebook elected to implement its new messaging platform using HBase in November 2010.[3]

Use cases & production deployments[edit]

Due to its characteristics, HBase is used by mostly all the main web companies.[citation needed]

Enterprises that use HBase[edit]

The following is a list of notable enterprises that have used or are using HBase:

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