HCG 87

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HCG 87
HCG 87.png
Galaxy Group HCG 87
Observation data (Epoch )
Constellation(s) Capricornus
Right ascension 20h 48m 11.9ss[1]
Declination −19° 50′ 35″[1]
Number of galaxies ~5
400 million
Other designations
See also: Galaxy groups, Galaxy clusters, List of galaxy clusters

HCG 87 is a compact group of galaxies listed in the Hickson Compact Group Catalogue. This group is about 400 million light-years away [2] in the constellation Capricornus. The group distinguishes itself as one of the most compact groups of galaxies, hosting two active galactic nuclei and a starburst among its three members, all of which show signs of interaction.[3] This interaction, which astronomers have called visually, and scientifically, intriguing[4] is being examined to understand the influence of active nuclei on star formation histories.


Members of the HCG 87
Name Type[5] R.A. (J2000)[5] Dec. (J2000)[5] Redshift (km/s)[5] Apparent Magnitude[5]
HCG 87a S0 pec 20h 48m 15.0s −19° 50′ 58″ 8443 ± 14 15.3
HCG 87b SA(r)0 pec 20h 48m 10.9s −19° 51′ 23″ 8740 ± 20 15.4
HCG 87c Sb 20h 48m 12.0s −19° 49′ 56″ 8914 ± 7 16.1
HCG 87d Sd 20h 48m 12.8s −19° 50′ 46″ 10200 ± 160 17.8

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Coordinates: Sky map 20h 48m 11.9s, −19° 50′ 35″