HC Ambrì-Piotta

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HC Ambrì-Piotta
2017–18 NL season
HC Ambrì-Piotta logo.svg
City Ambrì and Piotta
(Quinto, Switzerland)
League National League
Founded 1937
Home arena Valascia
General manager Switzerland Paolo Duca
Head coach Switzerland Luca Cereda
Captain Switzerland Michael Fora
Website www.hcap.ch

Hockey Club Ambrì-Piotta is a Swiss professional ice hockey club and a member of the National League (NL). The club was founded September 19, 1937 and is also known as "Bianco-Blu" (English: white and blues). Though they have never won the league championship, the club has not been relegated to the Swiss League since being promoted in 1985, the same year that saw the arrival of Dale McCourt.


The fans in 2014

Ambrì and Piotta are two very small villages in the municipality of Quinto, located in the northern part of the valley Leventina canton Ticino, with a combined population of 500 people. Ambrì-Piotta has more than 40 fan clubs all over Europe. For major events, like the derby against southern rivals HC Lugano, the fans compose a choreography. When Ambrì wins a game, fans rejoice to the valley anthem La Montanara.[1]

The team on the ice in 2014

Since 1959, they have called their self-owned Valascia as their home. Standing 1,000 meters above sea level, it is an open-ended facility with 2,000 seats and additional standing room space for 5,000.[2]

Facing financial strains the team raised roughly 5 million Swiss Francs in the summer of 2013. The donations given to HC Ambri-Piotta came from both large and small donations, many of which were given via SMS. The efforts of the team and its fans have secured the right to play in the National League.[3]





Current roster[edit]

Updated November 8, 2015.[4][5]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
27 Switzerland Bastl, MarkMark Bastl C L 37 2015 Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
51 Switzerland Berger, SvenSven Berger D L 30 2015 Rapperswil, Switzerland
20 Switzerland Bianchi, EliasElias Bianchi Injured Reserve LW L 29 2009 Lugano, Switzerland
79 Switzerland Birbaum, AlainAlain Birbaum D L 32 2014 Fribourg, Switzerland
Italy Plastino, NickNick Plastino D R 32 2017 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
3 Switzerland Chavaillaz, BenjaminBenjamin Chavaillaz D L 29 2013 Lausanne, Switzerland
46 Switzerland Duca, PaoloPaolo Duca (C) RW R 37 2007 Ascona, Switzerland
25 Canada Emmerton, CoryCory Emmerton C L 30 2015 St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
87 Switzerland Flückiger, MichaelMichael Flückiger G L 34 2014 Langnau i.E., Switzerland
29 Switzerland Fora, MichaelMichael Fora D R 22 2015 Giubiasco, Switzerland
21 Switzerland Fuchs, JasonJason Fuchs C L 22 2014 Bern, Switzerland
8 Switzerland Gautschi, MarcMarc Gautschi (A) D L 35 2013 Faido, Switzerland
80 Switzerland Giannini, DylanDylan Giannini D R 22 2014 Ascona, Switzerland
12 Switzerland Grassi, DanieleDaniele Grassi RW R 25 2008 Bellinzona, Switzerland
90 Switzerland Guidotti, SamueleSamuele Guidotti C R 22 2015 Monte Carasso, Switzerland
14 United States Hall, AdamAdam Hall (A) C/RW R 37 2014 Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
9 Canada Hamill, ZachZach Hamill C R 29 2015 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
70 Switzerland Kamber, OliverOliver Kamber C L 39 2015 Rickenbach, Switzerland
96 Switzerland Lauper, AdrienAdrien Lauper LW L 30 2014 Fribourg, Switzerland
11 Czech Republic Lhoták, LukasLukas Lhoták C L 25 2011 Prague, Czechoslovakia
47 Finland Mäenpää, MikkoMikko Mäenpää D L 35 2015 Tampere, Finland
7 Switzerland Monnet, ThibautThibaut Monnet LW L 36 2015 Martigny, Switzerland
18 Switzerland Pestoni, IntiInti Pestoni RW L 26 2006 Ambrì, Switzerland
17 Switzerland Pinana, ChristianChristian Pinana D L 21 2015 Bellinzona, Switzerland
28 Switzerland Sidler, PatrickPatrick Sidler D L 32 2011 Zürich, Switzerland
23 Switzerland Stucki, ChristianChristian Stucki F R 26 2014 Lugano, Switzerland
84 Switzerland Trunz, AdrianAdrian Trunz D L 34 2011 Winterthur, Switzerland
1 Switzerland Wolf, TimTim Wolf G L 26 2015 Zürich, Switzerland
58 Switzerland Zgraggen, JesseJesse Zgraggen D L 25 2014 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
39 Switzerland Zurkirchen, SandroSandro Zurkirchen G L 28 2013 Schwyz, Switzerland

Head coach: Gordie Dwyer

Assistant coach: Diego Scandella

NHL alumni[edit]


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