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HC Kometa Brno
HC Kometa Brno logo (2012).svg
CityBrno, Czech Republic
LeagueCzech Extraliga
Founded1953 (1953)
Home arenaDRFG Arena (Capacity: 7,700)
Coloursblue, white          
Owner(s)Czech Republic Libor Zábranský
Head coachCzech Republic Libor Zábranský
CaptainCzech Republic Leoš Čermák
DRFG Arena

HC Kometa Brno ("Comet" in English) is a professional ice hockey team based in Brno, Czech Republic. They play in the Czech Extraliga. Kometa is the most successful ice hockey club in the Czech Republic with 13 Czechoslovak (and Czech) league championship titles. Holding three European Cup titles, Kometa ranks as the most successful Czech club in international ice hockey. The team has won the past 2 Czech championships seasons, capturing the title in both 2016-2017 and in 2017-2018.

Auditorium PSG Zlín match 29 November 2011.


Players and fans of Kometa during 2011 post-season friendly match.

The club was founded in 1953 as an army ice hockey club with the name Rudá hvězda Brno ("Red Star"). The majority of players were transferred from 2 hockey clubs in Brno (TJ Spartak Brno Zbrojovka and TJ Spartak GZ Královo Pole[1]). In 1962, the club changed its name to ZKL Brno (ZKL is abbreviation of "Ball Bearing Factory")[2] and stopped being an army team. In 1976, the name was changed to Zetor Brno. Shortly after the revolution (1994), the club changed its name to HC Kometa Brno. "Kometa" was the team's nickname since 1950's (as opposed to the official "Red Star") and the team was commonly referred to by this name since its beginnings.

Legendary player František Vaněk 156 scoring

In 1996, the team was relegated from Czech Extraliga to the second highest ice hockey league, the 1st Czech Republic Hockey League. For many years, the team struggled due to poor financing and multiple changes of owners, facing relegation again in 2001–2002. The club almost ceased to exist, playing in the East division of the third-highest Czech ice hockey league. By the 2003–2004 season, it returned to the first league. In 2004, Kometa played its first playoff series since 1997, reached the semifinals in 2008, and the finals in 2009. On 1 April 2009, Kometa Rene Burger bought the licence for another South Moravian club, HC Znojemští Orli. This club will began to serve as a farm team for Brno.[3]

In March 2012, the team managed to defeat HC Sparta Praha, the winner of the 2011–12 Czech Extraliga regular season, in six games, qualifying for the playoff semifinals.[4] In the semifinals, they defeated HC Plzeň 1929, the runner-up of the regular season, in five games. In the final, Kometa lost the Czech Extraliga championship final to HC Pardubice in six games.[5]

Awards and trophies[edit]

History of the team name[edit]

  • 1953 – Rudá hvězda Brno
  • 1962 – TJ ZKL Brno
  • 1976 – TJ Zetor Brno
  • 1990 – HC Zetor Brno
  • 1993 – HC Královopolská Brno
  • 1994 – HC Kometa Brno
  • 1995 – HC Kometa Brno BVV
  • 1997 – HC Kometa Brno

Current players[edit]

Current roster for season 2018/2019[6]

Position # Name Acquired
G 1 Flag of Slovakia Marek Čiliak 2005
G 50 Flag of the Czech Republic Karel Vejmelka 2015
G 30 Flag of the Czech Republic Pavel Jekel 2009
D 23 Flag of Slovakia Ivan Baranka 2019
D 42 Flag of the Czech Republic Michal Barinka 2017
D 7 Flag of the Czech Republic Tomáš Bartejs 2016
D 24 Flag of the Czech Republic Michal Gulaši 2016
D 18 Flag of the Czech Republic Radek Kučeřík ---
D 71 Flag of Slovakia Tomáš Malec 2010
D 4 Flag of the Czech Republic Zbyněk Michálek 2019
D 32 Flag of the Czech Republic Dalimil Mikyska ---
D 77 Flag of the Czech Republic Jan Štencel 2016

F 90 Flag of the Czech Republic Martin Dočekal 2012
F 10 Flag of the Czech Republic Martin Erat 2016
F 92 Flag of the Czech Republic Petr Holík 2018
F 57 Flag of the Czech Republic Jan Hruška 2000
F 9 Flag of the Czech Republic Bedřich Köhler 2018
F 15 Flag of the Czech Republic Petr Kratochvíl ---
F 19 Flag of Slovakia Silvester Kusko 2009
F 95 Flag of Canada Alexandre Mallet 2017
F 88 United States Peter Mueller 2018
F 27 Flag of the Czech Republic Jakub Orsava 2019
F 20 Flag of the Czech Republic Karel Plášek jr. 2016
F 14 Flag of the Czech Republic Tomáš Plekanec 2018
F 29 Flag of the Czech Republic Vojtěch Střondala 2016
F 8 Flag of the Czech Republic Jan Süss ---
F 5 Flag of the Czech Republic Tomáš Vondráček 2012
F 26 Flag of the Czech Republic Martin Zaťovič 2016



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