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HD may refer to:





  • HDStarcraft, American electronic sports shoutcaster
  • H.D., the pen name of Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961), a 20th-century American poet and novelist

Science and technology[edit]

  • Hard disk, a computer device which stores digitally encoded data, also known as 'hard drive' or 'hard disk drive'
  • In BIOS setup, number of heads in cylinder-head-sector (CHS) hard disk drive access method
  • HD Photo, an image format
  • HD Radio, an abbreviation from the term hybrid digital/analog radio
  • Henry Draper Catalogue, an astronomical catalogue often used to designate stars
  • High-definition, reference to:
  • High density, in reference to a floppy disk, other magnetic media or the optical formats HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • High-density polyethylene, a high-density polyethylene plastic material seen in milk containers and various juice beverages
  • Hybrid drive, a type of notebook computer hard drive that utilizes a large buffer
  • Hydrogen deuteride, a diatomic compound of hydrogen and deuterium
  • Hyperdeformation, extremely deformed atomic nuclei
  • The chemical warfare agent sulfur mustard, which in its distilled form is referred to as HD

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