Hitachi HD64180

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Hitachi HD64180

The HD64180 is a Z80-based embedded microprocessor developed by Hitachi with an integrated memory management unit (MMU). It appeared in 1985.[1] The Hitachi HD64180 "Super Z80" was later licensed to Zilog and sold by them as the Z64180 and with some enhancements as the Zilog Z180.

Hitachi HD64180 DIP64

It has the following features:

  • Memory Management Unit (MMU) which supports 512k bytes of memory and 64k bytes of I/O space
  • 12 new instructions were added
  • Two channel Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC)
  • Programmable wait state generator
  • Programmable DRAM refresh
  • Two channel Asynchronous Serial Communication Interface (ASCI)
  • Two channel 16-bit Programmable Reload Timer (PRT)
  • 1-channel Clocked Serial I/O Port (CSI/O)
  • Programmable Vectored Interrupt Controller

The Micromint SB180 and SemiDisk Systems DT42 CP/M computers and Olivetti CWP 1 and ETV 210s videotypewriters (also running ROM based CP/M 2.2) were based on the Hitachi HD64180.


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