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Builder: David Balfour
General characteristics
Tonnage: 60-tons
Armament: 16 guns

Trost was a 60-ton ship of the Dano-Norwegian navy. It served from the 1600s (decade) until at least 1648, when it was recorded as carrying 16 guns.[1]

The name is German rather than Danish; the vessel is sometimes referenced in translation as the Comfort or the Consolation. The name, however, probably refers to one of the queen's lapdogs and the vessel is also referenced as Hunden ("Dog") and Skjodehunden ("Lapdog").[1]

The ship was considered a fast one and was constructed by David Balfour (b. 1574), a Scotsman employed by the Dano-Norwegian navy from 1597–1634.[1]

Trost served as John Cunningham's flagship during the 1605 Hans Køning expedition to Greenland; Godske Lindenov's flagship during his expedition the next year; and Carsten Richardson's flagship during his failed expedition the year after that. King Christian IV's expeditions to Greenland had been organized to reestablish contact with the lost Norse settlements on Greenland and then to exploit the silver and gold ore supposedly returned by the first expedition.

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