HD 149143

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HD 149143
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Ophiuchus
Right ascension 16h 32m 51.0498s
Declination +02° 05′ 05.395″
Apparent magnitude (V) 7.90
Distance 207 ly
(63.5 pc)
Spectral type G0
Other designations
BD+02° 3127, HIP 81022, SAO 121678
Database references
Exoplanet Archive data
Extrasolar Planets

HD 149143 is a star located in Ophiuchus constellation that has spectral type of G0 located at a distance of 207 ly from us. Its apparent magnitude is 7.9 (a binocular object) and the absolute magnitude is 3.9.[1][2]

The HD 149143 planetary system[2]
(in order from star)
Mass Semimajor axis
Orbital period
Eccentricity Inclination Radius
b >1.33 MJ 0.053 4.072 ± 0.70 0.016 ± 0.01

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Coordinates: Sky map 16h 32m 51.0498s, +02° 05′ 05.395″