HD 164922 b

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HD 164922 b
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Parent star
Star HD 164922
Constellation Hercules
Right ascension (α) 18h 02m 30.86s
Declination (δ) +26° 18′ 46.81″
Apparent magnitude (mV) 7.01
Distance 71.5 ly
(21.93 pc)
Spectral type K0V
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis (a) 2.11 ± 0.13 AU
Eccentricity (e) 0.05 ± 0.14
Orbital period (P) 1155 ± 23 d
Argument of
(ω) 195°
Time of periastron (T0) 2,411,100 ± 280 JD
Semi-amplitude (K) 7.3 ± 1.2 m/s
Physical characteristics
Minimum mass (m sin i) 0.36 ± 0.046 MJ
Discovery information
Discovery date July 15, 2006
Discoverer(s) Butler et al.[1]
Discovery method Radial velocity
Discovery site California, USA
Discovery status Published[1]
Database references
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Exoplanet Archive data
Open Exoplanet Catalogue data

HD 164922 b is an extrasolar planet orbiting around orange dwarf star HD 164922, located in Hercules constellation at a distance of 71.5 light years from Earth. Its inclination is not known, and its true mass may be significantly greater than the radial velocity lower limit of 0.36 Jupiter masses. The planet also has a low eccentricity, unlike most other long period extrasolar planets – 0.05 – about the same as Jupiter and Saturn in the Solar System.[1]


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Coordinates: Sky map 18h 02m 30.86s, +26° 18′ 46.81″