HD 20781 c

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HD 20781 c
Discovery date 2011
Radial velocity
Orbital characteristics
0.3456 ± 0.0047 AU
Eccentricity 0.28 ± 0.09
85.131 ± 0.1161 d
Physical characteristics
Mass 0.0496 Mj

HD 20781 c is a hot Neptune with 15.8 Earth masses. It is the outermost planet of orbiting its parent star HD 20781 in about 0.3456 astronomical units in somewhat eccentric orbit.[1] With the same composition as Neptune, it would have a radius of 3.79 earths. With the same composition as Earth, it would have a radius of 2.08 earths. It orbits near the inner edge of the habitable zone.


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