HD 211575

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HD 211575
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Aquarius
Right ascension 22h 18m 4.3s
Declination −0° 14′ 16.0″
Apparent magnitude (V) 6.40[1]
Spectral type F3V
Absolute magnitude (MV) 3.31[1]
Surface gravity (log g) 4.15[1] cgs
Temperature 6,500[1] K
Rotational velocity (v sin i) 19.0[1] km/s
Other designations
HIP 110091, HR 8507, SAO 146004, BD-00 4333
Database references

HD 211575 (SAO 146004, HR 8507) is a star located at right ascension 22h 18m 4.3s, declination −0° 14′ 16.0″, having a spectral type of F3V in the constellation Aquarius in between "Gamma Aquarii", "Pi Aquarii" and "Sadalmelik"


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The region around HD 211575