HD 220773

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HD 220773
Observation data
Epoch 2000      Equinox 2000
Constellation Pegasus
Right ascension  23h 26m 27.44474s
Declination +08° 38′ 37.8389″
Apparent magnitude (V) +7.10
Distance165.9 ly
(50.9 pc)
Spectral typeG0
Other designations
BD+07° 5030, HIP 115697, SAO 128181
Database references

HD 220773 is a 7th-magnitude star approximately 165 light years away in the constellation of Pegasus. It is orbited by an exoplanet that is around 1.45 times the mass of Jupiter at a distance of around 5 AU and taking 10.2 years to complete an orbit.[1]


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