HD 222582 b

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HD 222582 b
Exoplanet List of exoplanets
Parent star
Star HD 222582
Constellation Aquarius
Right ascension (α) 23h 41m 51.5299s
Declination (δ) –05° 59′ 08.726″
Distance 136.8 ly
(41.95 pc)
Spectral type G5V
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis (a) 1.35 AU
(202 Gm)
Periastron (q) 0.327 AU
(48.9 Gm)
Apastron (Q) 2.37 AU
(355 Gm)
Eccentricity (e) 0.76
Orbital period (P) 572 d
(1.57 y)
Orbital speed (υ) 25.7 km/s
Argument of
(ω) 293°
Time of periastron (T0) 2,450,174.8 JD
Semi-amplitude (K) 276.6 m/s
Physical characteristics
Minimum mass (m sin i) 7.75 MJ
Discovery information
Discovery date 1999
Discoverer(s) Vogt et al.
Discovery method radial velocity
Discovery site California and
Carnegie Planet Search

Discovery status Published
Database references
Extrasolar Planets
Exoplanet Archive data
Open Exoplanet Catalogue data

HD 222582 b is an extrasolar planet over 7 times the mass of Jupiter orbiting the star HD 222582. The orbital period is 572 days and orbits at a semimajor axis of 1.35 AU in one of the most eccentric orbits of any known planets.

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Coordinates: Sky map 23h 41m 51.5299s, −05° 59′ 08.726″