HD 63454 b

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HD 63454 b
Discovered byMoutou, Mayor,
Bouchy et al.
Discovery siteChile La Silla Observatory,
Discovery date14 February 2005
Radial velocity
Orbital characteristics
Apastron0.036 AU (5,400,000 km)
Periastron0.036 AU (5,400,000 km)
0.036 AU (5,400,000 km)
2.81782±0.000095 d
StarHD 63454

HD 63454 b is an extrasolar planet located approximately 117 light-years away in the constellation of Chamaeleon, orbiting the star HD 63454. It is at least 38% as massive as Jupiter, and orbits very close to its host star, even closer than the famous 51 Pegasi b. Its close orbit means it belongs to a class of exoplanets known as hot Jupiters. This planet has one of the least eccentric orbits.[1]


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Coordinates: Sky map 07h 39m 21.8511s, −78° 16′ 44.300″