HD 79498

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HD 79498
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Cancer
Right ascension 09h 15m 09s
Declination +23° 22′ 32″
Apparent magnitude (V) 8.03
Spectral type G5
Other designations
Database references

HD 79498 is a star located approximately 160 light years away in the constellation Cancer.[1] This G5 spectral class star has an apparent magnitude of 8.03 and is about the same size and mass as the Sun. It has a higher than solar abundance of elements other than hydrogen and helium; what astronomers term a metal-rich star.[2] The McDonald Observatory planet search program discovered its planet using small changes in the star's motion.[3]

The HD 79498 planetary system[3]
(in order from star)
Mass Semimajor axis
Orbital period
Eccentricity Inclination Radius
b ≥1.34 ± 0.07 MJ 3.13 ± 0.08 1966 ± 41 0.59 ± 0.02

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Coordinates: Sky map 09h 15m 09.40s, +23° 22′ 32.0″