HD 80230

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For G Carinae, see HD 78791.
g Carinae
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Carina
Right ascension 09h16m12.2s
Declination −57°32′29″
Apparent magnitude (V) +4.34
Distance 536 ± 44 ly
(164 ± 14 pc)
Spectral type M1III
Other designations
HR 3696, HD 80230, CP−57°1961, HIP 45496, SAO 236787, GC 12813

HD 80230, also known as g Carinae (g Car), is a star in the constellation Carina. g Carinae is a M-type red giant with an apparent magnitude of +4.34. It is approximately 536 light years from Earth.