HD 88133 b

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HD 88133 b
Discovered byFischer, Laughlin,
Butler et al.
Discovery siteCalifornia
Discovery dateSeptember 6, 2004
Radial velocity
(N2K Consortium)
Orbital characteristics
0.0479±0.0032 AU
Eccentricity0 (fixed)[1]
3.414887±0.000045[1] d
StarHD 88133

HD 88133 b is an extrasolar planet orbiting the star HD 88133. It is probably less massive than Jupiter and even Saturn. It orbits the star in a very tight orbit, completing one revolution around the star in every three and half days or so. Despite the relatively large radius of the star (about 2 times Solar), no transits have been detected.[2]


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Coordinates: Sky map 10h 10m 07.68s, +18° 11′ 12.74″