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HEAnet Logo
Motto Ireland's National Education & Research Network
Formation 1983; incorporated in November 1997
Legal status Company limited by guarantee
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Region served
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Tom Boland
Main organ
Board of Directors
Website www.heanet.ie

HEAnet is the national education and research network of Ireland.

HEAnet’s e-infrastructure services underpin academic research and education activity in Ireland with approximately 200,000 students and staff (third-level) and approximately 800,000 students and staff (first and second-level) relying on the HEAnet network.

Established in 1983 by the Irish Universities with the support of the Higher Education Authority, HEAnet provides e-Infrastructure service across all levels of the Irish education system. Its network connects all Irish Universities, all Institutes of Technology, other higher education institutions (HEIs) and research organisations, in addition to all primary and post-primary schools across Ireland. HEAnet connects these Irish learners and researchers to the Internet, online educational resources, and to fellow national educational and research networks in Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

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