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HHO Multimedia, headquartered in the UK, where it has operated for forty years, is the largest independent licensor of audio and visual material in the world.[citation needed] Originally the Henry Hadaway Organisation,[1] HHO Multimedia now has operations in Europe, Australasia and North America. Its catalogue of copyrights includes over 30,000 audio titles and over 4,000 visual titles.[2]

Through related corporations, A-List Productions Ltd. and Bringins Multimedia Ltd., HHO is also a producer of biography, special interest and feature films for television, DVD and theatrical release.[2] The first production of Bringins Multimedia was a profile of Peter Green, former guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, entitled Man of The World - The Peter Green Story.[3]

The company was one of the first independent music companies in the world[according to whom?] to have, in one quarter, three best-selling singles and two albums, in Japan and the Far East.[3][citation needed]


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