HH 34

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HH 34
Emission nebula
Herbig–Haro object
Protostar HH-34.jpg
Three-colour composite of the young object Herbig–Haro 34
Credit: ESO
Observation data: J2000.0 epoch
Right ascension 05h 35m 28.28s[1]
Declination −06° 28′ 22.2″[1]
Distance 1500[2] ly
Apparent magnitude (V) 16[1]
Constellation Orion
Designations HH 34S, [B77] 119, [CM95] Ori A10.
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HH 34 is a Herbig–Haro object located in Orion Nebula at a distance of about 460 parsecs (1500 light-years).[2] It is notable for its highly collimated jet and very symmetric bow shocks. Bipolar jet from young star is ramming into surrounding medium at supersonic speeds, heating the material to the point of ionization and emission at visual wavelengths. Source star is a class I protstar with a total luminosity of 45 L. Two bow shocks separated by 0.44 parsecs make the primary HH 34 system. Several larger and fainter bow shocks were later discovered on either side, making the extent of the system around 3 parsecs. The jet blows up the dusty envelope of the star, giving rise to 0.3 parsec long molecular outflow.[3]


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