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The HH Tunnel is a proposed tunnel, actually several tunnels, under Øresund between Helsingborg, Sweden and Helsingør, Denmark. The connection is planned for both road traffic, freight trains, and passenger trains.

There is still no decision on the construction of the HH-route. Neither the Danish or Swedish Government have so far made any decisions about time-tables or financing. Local and regional authorities are involved in the project.

The largest proposals for connecting railways include new high-speed railways Jönköping–Helsingborg (Europabanan, 250 km) and Helsingør–Copenhagen (50 km). If a freight train tunnel is built then the connecting railway Hässleholm–Helsingborg (75 km) must be upgraded to double track and a new freight railway Helsingør–Roskilde (60 km) must be built. Various Danish governments have over a long time renounced especially freight trains through Northern Zealand. And the project as such has never been given any higher priority in Denmark. The new Swedish (from October 2014) government has stated the project as "one of several" they have in mind.

A new and better alternative[edit]

However, a low bridge combined with a tunnel below the central Øresund, from Landskrona to Copenhagen, Port Nordhavn would be easier to build, and a journey from Helsingborg (and all Swedish and Norwegian cities along the tracks up to Oslo) to Copenhagen would arrive up to 15 minutes faster, compared to a passenger tunnel between Helsingborg and Elsinore. A pure goods train tunnel is the only possible further north, unless Elsinore's very pompous terminal station is to be demolished. A ring track Landskrona (Sweden))=> Nordhavn Ydre (Denmark) - Østerport - Nørreport - Copenhagen H - Ørestad - Tårnby - Copenhagen Airport => Hyllie (back in Sweden) - Triangeln - Malmö C - Lund and back to Landskrona, serving Inter Regional trains clockwise and anti-clockwise 3 or 4 times per hour, even shortens down the time Lund - Landskrona - the four first stations in Copenhagen.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


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