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HKR International Limited (Chinese: 香港興業國際集團有限公司) commonly referred to as HKRI, is a Hong Kong-listed company best known for the Discovery Bay development on Lantau Island, Hong Kong; a project developed by its Hong Kong Resort subsidiary. It is a corporate conglomerate; active in land development, hotel and other investments in Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific. Its current Chairman is Cha Mou Sing Payson.

The company is incorporated in the Cayman Islands and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1987 (SEHK0480). It became a constituent of the Hang Seng Midcap 50 Index in 1996 and is currently a constituent of the 200-stock Hang Seng Composite Index.

List of subsidiaries, associates and jointly-controlled entities[edit]

  1. Discovery Bay Commercial Services Limited 愉景灣商業服務有限公司
  2. Discovery Bay Communication Services Limited 愉景灣通訊服務有限公司
  3. Discovery Bay Enterprises Limited
  4. Discovery Bay Financial Services Limited 愉景灣財務服務有限公司
  5. Discovery Bay Golf Club Limited 愉景灣高爾夫球會有限公司
  6. Discovery Bay Marina Club Limited 愉景灣遊艇會有限公司
  7. Discovery Bay Recreation Club Limited 愉景灣康樂會有限公司
  8. Discovery Bay Road Tunnel Company Limited 愉景灣隧道有限公司
  9. Discovery Bay Services Management Limited 愉景灣服務管理有限公司
  10. Discovery Bay Transit Services Limited 愉景灣交通服務有限公司
  11. Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited 愉景灣航運服務有限公司
  12. DbAY Service Limited 愉景灣物業顧問有限公司
  13. Fame Wood Limited 創殷有限公司
  14. Frosmate Company Limited 福仕名有限公司
  15. Grace Investment Limited 寶置投資有限公司
  16. Greenyield Limited 本翹有限公司
  17. Hagent Investment Limited 興祥投資有限公司
  18. HKR Properties Limited 香港興業(物業)有限公司
  19. Hong Kong Health Resort Limited
  20. Hong Kong Resort Company Limited 香港興業有限公司
  21. Jumbo Profits Limited 讚利有限公司
  22. Lam Island Development Company Limited 林氏離島有限公司
  23. Lee Wo Company, Limited 利和有限公司
  24. Parocka Investments Limited
  25. Pearl Development Limited 勝置發展有限公司
  26. Perfect Landmark Limited 衡創有限公司
  27. Qualigenics Medical Limited
  28. Quebostage Limited 喬柱有限公司
  29. Rich Deal Limited 日溢有限公司
  30. Royston Investment Limited 愉景興業投資有限公司
  31. Solar High-tech Company Limited 興洋投資有限公司
  32. TCS Project Management Limited
  33. Wells Estate Services Limited 興怡物業服務有限公司
  34. Wells Property Management Limited 興怡物業管理有限公司
  35. Yintaly Construction Company Limited 營利建築工程有限公司
  36. Abraham Holdings Limited
  37. Abraham Investment Holdings Limited
  38. AmMed International Corporation Ltd.
  39. Beaufort Holdings Limited
  40. Beaufort Sentosa Development Pte Ltd
  41. Broad Base International Limited
  42. Clarity Aesthetic Center, Inc.
  43. Concord Management Co., Ltd.
  44. Dazhongli Properties Limited 大中里物業有限公司
  45. D.B. Properties Inc.
  46. GenRx Holdings Limited
  47. Grace Ivory Co., Ltd.
  48. Great Wisdom Holdings Limited
  49. Hanbright Assets Limited
  50. Healthway Philippines Inc.
  51. HK Resort International Limited
  52. HKR Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd 香港興業亞太有限公司
  53. HKR China Limited
  54. HMC Inc.
  55. Imperial Bathroom Products Ltd. 英陶潔具有限公司
  56. Impulse Bathroom Products Ltd.
  57. Mantle Investments Limited
  58. Maxbright Pte Ltd
  59. National Asset Limited
  60. Orthodontics Asia Limited
  61. Powerford Pte Ltd
  62. Prinia Pte Ltd
  63. Ruthin Investments Pte Ltd
  64. Sathorn Park Company Limited
  65. Spa Botanica Pte Ltd
  66. Yi Feng (Shanghai) Development Co., Ltd. 頤豐(上海)發展有限公司
  67. 冠豐(上海)房地產發展有限公司
  68. 盈豐(上海)房地產發展有限公司
  69. 沛豐(上海)房地產發展有限公司
  70. 滬衡(上海)管理咨詢有限公司
  71. Champion Sources Limited 創順有限公司
  72. Discovery Park Commercial Services Limited 愉景新城商業服務有限公司
  73. Discovery Park Financial Services Limited 愉景新城財務服務有限公司
  74. Hanison Construction Holdings Limited 興勝創建控股有限公司
  75. Tung Chung Station Development Company Limited
  76. Polyoung Limited 博溢有限公司
  77. Arrail Group Limited 瑞爾集團有限公司
  78. Bathroom & Kitchen Supplies Pty Ltd
  79. Health & Care Group Limited 恒健醫療集團有限公司

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