HK Ajkule Ilidža 2010

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HK Ajkule Ilidža 2010
HK Ajkule Ilidza 2010 Logo.png
City Ilidža, Bosnia and Herzegovina
League BiH Hockey League
Founded 2002
Home arena Olympic Hall Zetra
Franchise history
2002–2011 HK Ilidža 2010
2011–present HK Ajkule Ilidža 2010

HK Ajkule Ilidža 2010 is an ice hockey team in Ilidža, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The team was founded in 2002, and plays in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League. Despite being from Ilidža, the club plays its games at Olympic Hall Zetra, in Sarajevo.


HK Ajkule Ilidža 2010 was founded in 2002 as HK Ilidža 2010 and joined the Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League to compete in its inaugural season. HK Ilidža 2010 finished second in the 2002–03 regular season standings and qualified for the best of three playoffs with first place finisher HK Bosna. Ilidža finished as runners-up after losing the first two games to HK Bosna.[1] After the end of the 2002–03 season the league was disbanded for six years before returning in 2009. Ilidža however did not enter the 2009–10 season but rejoined the league for the 2010–11 season. Ilidža finished in last place managing only four wins in their 15 regular season games.[2] During the 2010–11 season Ilidža also competed in the Jaroslav Jandourek Cup. Ilidža was drawn against HK Alfa for their first game. Ilidža won the game 6–3 and advanced to the final against HK Bosna who had defeated HK Stari Grad in their opening game. Ilidža won the Jaroslav Jandourek Cup after defeating HK Bosna in the final.[3] For the start of the 2011–12 season the team was renamed to HK Ajkule Ilidža 2010.[4]

Season-by-season record[edit]

Bosnia and Herzegovina Hockey League

Season GP W SOW SOL L GF GA PTS Finish Playoff
2002–03 16 102 63 24 2nd Loss final series vs. HK Bosna, 0–2
2010–11 15 4 0 1 10 45 46 13 4th Did not qualify

Jaroslav Jandourek Cup


Team roster for the 2011–12 season.[4]

Nat Name Pos Date of Birth
Bosnia and Herzegovina Minel Bakal D 5 November 1987
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dario Brdarić F
Bosnia and Herzegovina Emir Cerić D 7 July 1991
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dino Čordalija D 8 February 1991
Bosnia and Herzegovina Edis Djelkic F 16 July 1992
Bosnia and Herzegovina Benjamin Džanko D
Bosnia and Herzegovina Edis Glogić D
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kemal Haseta F 4 November 1992
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirzet Hodžić F 24 August 1989
Bosnia and Herzegovina Deniz Kesten F
Bosnia and Herzegovina Amar Lemeš D 1 December 1989
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nermin Logo F 1 March 1990
Bosnia and Herzegovina Alem Merdan F 7 November 1990
Bosnia and Herzegovina Adnan Osmanović D 4 November 1990
Bosnia and Herzegovina Edis Pribišić G 5 March 1988
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nihad Skulj F
Bosnia and Herzegovina Muamer Tahirbegović G
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kenan Haseta D 12 April 1987


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