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Developer(s) various[1]
Type CGI tool
License BSD License[1]

HLSL2GLSL is a command line tool and a library that translates shaders written in High Level Shader Language (HLSL) for Direct3D 9 into the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL).[2]

HLSL2GLSL was released by ATI Technologies under a BSD License.

Last version (v0.9) from ATI was released in 2006, but the project was forked in 2010 [3] to fix issues and add features like OpenGL ES support. It is now used by Unity [4] and OGRE [5] to translate Cg/HLSL shaders into GLSL for mobile platforms.

HLSL2GLSL is not part of GPUOpen.

At the XDC2014 Matt Turner pointed out that due to translations from HLSL to GLSL bloated shaders have become wide spread.Video on YouTubeshader-db.


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