HMS Convolvulus (K45)

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HMS Convolvulus FL6066.jpg
HMS Convolvulus (K45)
RN EnsignUnited Kingdom
Name: HMS Convolvulus
Ordered: 25 July 1939
Builder: Charles Hill & Sons, Bristol
Laid down: 17 January 1940
Launched: 22 September 1940
Commissioned: 26 February 1941
Identification: Pennant number: K45
Status: Scrapped on 5 October 1947
General characteristics
Class and type: Flower-class corvette

HMS Convolvulus was a Flower-class corvette of the Royal Navy in World War II. She was launched in 1940, served in the Battle of the Atlantic and was scrapped in 1947.


Assigned the pennant number K45, Convolvulus was built by Charles Hill & Sons, Bristol and was laid down on 17 January 1940. She was launched on 22 September 1940 and was subsequently commissioned on 26 February 1941.[1]


Convolvulus was commanded by Lieutenant Richard Sinclair Connell RNR from January 1942 until August 1942[1] and formed part of the 36th Escort Group which escorted the notorious convoy HG 76 as well as convoys OG 82 and HG 84. During the escort of the latter, Convolvulus was left on a number of occasions as the convoy's lone escort whilst the other escorts investigated suspected U-boat contact or chased away U-boats caught on the surface. Despite the small escort screen offered by the ships of the 36th Escort Group and the lone sentry duty often performed by Convolvulus, HG 84 suffered only a 22% loss rate.[2]

Captain F J Walker, RN, then leader of the 36th Escort Group said of this action:

I am proud of the offensive spirit, initiative and sheer guts displayed by these Corvettes. Convolvulus, my deputy during my absences from the convoy, never put a foot wrong. [3]

She was later under the command of Lieutenant Commander Richard Francis Roger Yarde-Buller RNVR from August 1942 until February 1945.[1] From February 1945 until the war's end, she was commended by Lieutenant George Lachlan Fraser RNR.[1]


She was sold to be broken up for scrap to John Cashmore Ltd on 21 August 1947 and she was eventually scrapped at Newport on 5 October 1947.


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